Saturday, January 03, 2009

Another Finnish Westlake

Here's also The Outfit in its Finnish reincarnation. As you can see, Parker in the cover is the same guy as in The Man with the Getaway Face. Do you think Parker looks like that? I see Lee Marvin always when it comes to being Parker.

But is that Roy Scheider on the left?

Thanks for the scan to Ossi Hiekkala, the illustrator extraordinaire (he did the covers for the Finnish editions of Swierczynski's and Guthrie's books, take again a good look here).

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Anders E said...

This is exactly the same as the Swedish reprint series from the 1970s. The title of this over here was "Maffian" which means exactly what you think. Oh, and that poor bloke who was supposed to be Parker on the covers... Wonder if he's aware of how ridiculed he is today? And what about those other persons on the covers?