Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Westlake in Sweden: Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death (1970)

As opposed to previous entries, this is actually a sort of a respectable release. No porn! A softcover published by Skoglunds in 1970. Yeah, it's 1970 alright! Some of my books in school at the time looked somewhat like this. Aww, nostalgia... And yes, you should read the Mitch Tobin series. But I guess you already know that.
Cover art for SÅDAN KÄRLEK, SÅDAN DÖD is by Göran Lindgren. The title translates roughly as LIKE LOVE, LIKE DEATH.
[I haven't actually read any of the Tobin books. None have been translated and I haven't found them anywhere near. {I have a rule of not to order books from the net. I'd be buried in them in two weeks.} It's probable, though, that I have one or two of these, since I've been picking up every Westlake I can lay my hands on for the past five or six years. Btw, shouldn't that title be SUCH LOVE, SUCH DEATH in English?]

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