Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Leone tie-in

I just remembered reading that the Sergio Leone film Once Upon a Time in America had also a real tie-in, even though it was originally based on a book. (How often does this happen?) It was written by a paperback writer Lee Hays, who's done other tie-ins, i.e. Columbo and Partridge Family (!), and also other paperbacks as by Chad Calhoun (spy thrillers) and Hilary Desmond (romance). He did the Leone tie-in under his own name.

The book was published by Signet in 1984, the premier year of the film. Here's the cover.


Anders E said...

Another movie that was both based on a novel and that spawned a novelization was RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. Even weirder is that both novels had the same author and the same title.


Juri said...

Okay, that's crazy.

Was there a novelization of the Tim Burton Planet of the Apes? I seem to have noticed that, but the Finnish publisher wisely went to Boulle's original.