Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The marketing hysteria

JD Rhoades poses some interesting questions about marketing your own books on Murderati here. Finland has not yet seen the hysteria the USA wallows in about these "new" marketing tools, like blogs and Facebook (note the ""-marks, this is irony), and publishing houses still do most of the marketing here. For example, I've seen only one Finnish book trailer in the web.

Based on my own experiences as a non-fiction writer, though, we are only some steps behind. I've had to put a Facebook group for one of my books and arrange contests (well, I've had one and one member dropped out immediately), and at the launch party one of the editors took a video clip with me and the other writers of the book and we had to say nice things about it for the publisher's website. Based on what comments JD Rhoades got on Murderati, I don't think that clip sells even one book. Let's hope it does.

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