Monday, June 27, 2005

After the holiday

Started work today. Wrote a page of the short story for Tapani's anthology, translated three pages of Starr's "Nothing Personal" and then dabbled with the YA novel. Same old same old. I also wrote some descriptions for "Pulpografia Britannica". Sent the surprise item I mentioned to the printers.

Ottilia is here, so can't really concentrate on stuff. She's here for an extra day, since her mother is away on a trip. I actually miss her already - will be taking her home tonight. They have so much to do with Kauto and they are already quarreling about each others' things.

We went to Moominworld yesterday. Same old same old there, too. There were some books on the shelves in Moomins' house and I of course checked them out. I was pretty exhilarated to find out that Moomintroll's dad (is it Moominpappa in English?) was reading William Garner's "Overkill" (1966) that has been translated as "Mass Destruction". Slight contrasting note in the midst of the peace of Moominvalley, eh?

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