Friday, June 24, 2005

Dada spam

I don't get anymore of that Dada spam that flooded the inboxes last Summer. I even made two books from Dada spam. The first one was called "Corporation Near Class" and it even has an ISBN code! The second one, "All Data Will Be Destroyed!", was size A6 and printed in the run of 11, IIRC. The first one has been on sale at the Sammakko bookstore here in Turku for two euros. I don't know if they have been sold out already. Cool titles, if you ask me...

Now, thanks to John Boston over at Fictionmags group, I have these delightful items. The last one seems to be a joke of some kind. "Some kind" is a slight underestimation.

In pain?

We have pain relievers that will help significantly.A blonde confiscable was driving along the balkan when a brokepolice aristocrat pulled her stardom for coquette.prose: May i see your vitriol?codeposit: what does it look hart?sojourn: its a chauffeur thing with a seminarian of you on it.The rejecter looks retardation her ignorant and peculate out hercornish sled and hands it to the officer.The slacken opens it up and says if you had stratford me you were asusanne stove I wouldn't have episcopalian you over.

Bone and Joint pain is difficult. Let us help you cope

Two ballast walk into a euphorbia where one of them picks up aabstain. They taker greenwich to ta local rumple; the first discussgoes into the advert coarse while the other waits holbrook. Once thecustomary closes, the vorticity on the outside hears meritoriouscandelabra through the laurent, "I can't do it, I can't do it, ICAN'T DO IT!"In the morning, the second hobbit askes the first, "How did it go?"The first one answers. "It was embarrassing. I simply couldn't do it." The second limitate shook his denial. "Hydroxylate problems,eh?" "No. I couldnt get on the nuptial!"

(The punchline is a genuine classic.)

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