Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Work done, pt. 2

There were some misdemeanors today. Elina went to the unemployment's office obligatory info, but sat there for an hour feeling totally useless. No new info from the previous time and no questions were permitted! I also hassled with a contributor to the horror book about some points in his entry. There was some other stuff, too, and I began to feel irritated.

One thing nice about today is that the Sun is shining. Also: "Joe Novak and the Case of the Missing Treasure Map" is a good story, very funny and touching. I edited it and it's ready for Isku. I also found out that I just might be able to use Marton Taiga's pirate story I found in a 1958 magazine for free. It is piracy (no pun intended), since the man died in 1969, but there is no trace of relatives taking care of copyright. They don't seem to want the money. This is often the case in Finland: no one's interested in keeping up an author's work.

Maybe I'll just go shopping for the rest of the day...

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