Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dana Chambers

Bill Crider writes in his blog about Dana Chambers, to whom I haven't paid much attention even though he (she? Bill C. avoids using the words "he" and "she" in his post) has two titles translated (see below). Chambers was one of those medium-boiled writers of the fourties who had a hint of screwball comedy in their works. Maybe I should pick these up - they go easily under five euros. Or even less, if the seller is nice. (Or free, if the seller is my father.)

Dana Chambers in Finnish:

Hiipivä pelko: rakkaus- ja salapoliisiromaani. Transl. Olavi Linnus. Mantere: Helsinki 1948.
Originally Death Against Venus. Dial 1946.

Kumpi kuoli ensin? Transl. Toini Kaukonen. Suomen kirja: Helsinki 1944. Originally The Blonde Died First. Dial 1941.

Checking the original dates and publishers in Hubin I notice that our Dana was a man - his real name was Albert Leffingwell. He also wrote two novels as Giles Jackson. He died as early as 1946, so his career was cut off short.

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