Thursday, June 09, 2005

My first jeans

I *did* go shopping yesterday and bought a pair of jeans. Now, this may seem rather trivial to many of you, but I haven't had jeans for almost ten years! (Well, I had one pair that I found in a trashcan outside the supermarket, but I used them rarely and ditched them, say, in 1998.) I've been wearing slacks since. Lately I've felt that I could use some redecoration in my public image.

My bible in these matters has for years been Quentin Crisp's and Donald Carroll's "How To Do It With Style" that says that whatever you do, you have to be consistent. At least you mustn't give up to the temptations of fashion. And that's just what I've now done! You can blame me an opportunist...

Elina said that if they look great, there's not necessarily point in making it an identity thing. And indeed, they look good with low waist and flared leg. They fall somewhere between the rock jeans and the loose hip hop jeans. (And here I'm hoping to look like an intellectual...)

But hey, I'm not alone. Tosikko here did the same thing. (It's in Finnish.)


Of to more literary and cultural (hey, fashion is culture!) matters: I started writing the short story for Tapani's anthology. It will be situated in the early eighties in Pori, where I was raised and lived for 18 first years of my life. There's a punk band called The Murha (Der Murder) with a female singer and a young cop investigating a supposed drug charge. I don't exactly know what will happen, but I think there will be enough turns and twists.

I also received the final drafts of "White Heat". Now I have only to compile the movie index... Not a small job for 429 pages!

We are going to Berlin and leaving on Friday, so don't expect anything before we get back next week. pHinn hoped for some images. I hope we'll find some obsolete building that no one's interested in so that I can take a photo for my obsolete building archives. And maybe we'll go to the zoo, in case you haven't seen animals before. (You may gather that I'm not much of a photographer.)

Reading: old Hank Jasons and Boys Will Be Boys, the history of British penny dreadfuls and early magazine fiction.

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