Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who directed The Children of Paradise?

As if I didn't know that one... Ha! Who did they think I am?

I'm of course talking about the audition. It went well and I am pretty sure that if there will be a second round, I'm in. Don't know if I'm in with the final product. How would I? I counted there were at least 20 other participants - plus my friend Ilona who came to Helsinki with the same train.

We didn't really know what they were looking after. Ilona had some insider's knowledge that they were looking for two guys - the other one would be the host and then there would be someone who'd do an insert type of story for the night's show. It was obvious, though, that this really wasn't the case. It was also obvious that they don't actually know what kind of program they are set to do. Is it light entertainment type of thing or some heavy shit with scholars mumbling about Deleuze on a round table?

I don't know if I really can give out the questions, since there might other contestants reading this (rather unlikely, but you never know), but I can say that I got 90% correct or at least close to correct. Which really might make me a winner, since as Tapani Maskula, a film critic living here in Turku, said in a recent interview: "No one knows movies older than Star Wars." (He's not actually correct, because people do know Jaws, Godfathers, The Good, the Bad & the Ugly etc.) But me, I know my stuff.


Anonymous said...

Kai pistit paremmaksi ja kysyit, tarkoittivatko Carnén vai Mollbergin versiota?

Juri said...

My lips are sealed.. no, eivätköhän ne kuvaukset ole jo ohi? Puhuttiin kummastakin, plus uudesta teatteriversiosta, joka on näköjään tulossa Helsinkiin. Pahus kun en älynnyt briljeerata ja sanoa, että teatteriversion ohjaaja on kuulun filmiohjaajan poika!