Saturday, April 01, 2006

And finally ERB's Pirate Blood

I like Burroughs's Mars stories very much, but his Pirate Blood, published posthumously in the early sixties, left me utterly cold. It's an unfinished work, of course, but then again it could've remained unpublished.

Nevertheless, here are two illustrations for the text that I found somewhere in the web. The other one, with text imposed over the picture, is a sketch by Roy Krenkel for the story - I don't know where it should've been published. I don't know who did the other illo and what it was for. I don't really know if I could've used these in Pulp and putting them here probably violates some law. ("Officer, I didn' tknow... don't take me! I've got a wife and seven kids and a mother to feed!")

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