Monday, April 10, 2006

Does this happen to anyone else?

I've been reading the translation of J.-K. Huysmans's A Rebours and enjoying it more than I originally suspected, given its reputation as a very difficult book. I'll write a review of it for a local newspaper - if I can find it! I've lost it and can't find it anywhere. I suspect that Kauto's been at it, but usually he only rips pieces of books and doesn't hide them. What should I do? Ask for another copy from the publisher?


jukkahoo said...

Hauska yhteensattuma (tai noh, hauska ja hauska): tuoreen Philip K. Dick -voittajan, M. M. Bucknerin War Surf -kirjan päähenkilöä on verrattu parissakin arvostelyssa juuri tämän À Reboursin hahmoon nimeltä Des Esseintes. "Initially parallel to but ultimately escaping from the self-isolated and self-destructive character of J.K. Huysman's character Des Esseintes in À Rebours[...]"

Sana ylös:

The sky was grey and tattered, somewhat like the mediapole that apparently advertised the new film version of that classic tale of glibness and nose-growth: "Rzoxnzy". Then again, it may have been a terrile misspelling.

Juri said...

War Surf? Ei ihan kuulosta joltain mitä Des Esseintes harrastaisi...

For what it's worth, kirja löytyi kuin löytyikin.