Sunday, April 09, 2006

My fashion pictures

Long ago I promised to scan the pictures that the local newspaper, Turun Sanomat, took of me for their fashion-themed supplement. I was going to be a sharp-dressed man.

But just as usual, the folks at Turun Sanomat picked up a wrong photo. This is the second time I've been photographed for the mag and I've had the same double chin twice! Aaargh! And why didn't they use a photo with me looking at the camera? I look like some moron thinking about what I should have for breakfast tomorrow. (The scanner is too small: I can't include my snappy shoes here.)


Juri said...

Yeah, but some people *do* look good in the papers. I have, occasionally. It's just stupid that when there's a full-size picture of me, I have a double chin! (Talk about problems of a writer...)

Unknown said...

No worries, Juri. You still look suitably bad-ass.

Juri said...

Bad-ass? Are you sure you didn't mean "assclown"?