Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Finnish crime literature at its most beautiful

Here's a cover for Reino Orasmala's crime novel, Koira haudattuna (1980).* In the back cover it's said to resemble the police novels of Joseph Wambaugh. Who can tell? I don't think anyone can - do you know anyone who would pick up the book with that cover? (I'm sorry for the fuzzy picture - I'm not really familiar with our digital camera.)

That's a milk can in the front, in case you don't know.

* For love of mine, I cannot at the moment translate the title. Something about dog buried. There's gotta be a familiar phrase to go with it.


Anonymous said...

How about: "The hair of a dog that buried me"?

Anonymous said...

No hö, sehän on englanniksi "Jake and the Fat Man".

Juri said...

Ai niin tietysti... For the foreign readers of this comment: Jake and the Fatman was screened in Finland as Koira haudattuna, which is the name of the novel photographed.