Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Busy, busy world

Just wanted to let you know that I'm working on a project in a quite tight schedule, so I'll have to cut the blogging down a little. I'll let you know in due time when everything's finished.

Here are some starred reviews for some books I've read and am reading (out of five):

T. Jefferson Parker: California Girl **** (starts slowly, but builds into a very effective tale of hippie age syndromes)
Ken Bruen: Rilke On Black ***½ (my first; could've preferred tighter plotting and less cultural references - after all, it's a book with a moron in the lead!)
Alistair MacLean: The Guns of Navarone **** (as some of you may remember, I've been having my doubts of MacLean: I read him in my teen years and liked him, but then I got intellectual and declared being bored with this type of thing; now this is work-related [will post later on this] and I find myself enjoying the quite crisp, yet literal style)
Edgar Allan Poe: collected short stories *-***** (the best being, in my mind, "William Wilson" [will post about this later on])

Okay, now back to the project No. Uno.


Unknown said...

I was a big MacLean fan forty or so years ago, and I cans till re-read his books with pleasure. I'm not sure they'd even find a publisher today, but for me, they're always fun. I've read a number of them two or three times.

Anonymous said...

MacLean had a skill to keep the excitement till the end. And all those technical details! Spooky!
The world of spionage enchants forever.
(I bought a DVD-box with four MacLean-movies some weeks ago and...oh, I was disappointed. The 70's look is too much and got my whole attention...)

ja sama suomeksi...

Unknown said...

The movie that turned me on to MacLean is The Secret Ways with Richard Widmark.