Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sandra Scoppettone on Dan Brown

I went over to Sandra Scoppettone's blog via Lee Goldberg's blog and noticed this comment which struck me as pretty accurate:

I do pray that The Da Vinci Code clones will disappear. They aren’t real writers. In my opinion they’re opportunists. I don’t know what to call the agents who want/expect writers to imitate Dan Brown. Maybe stupid is the word.


It was Father's Day today. (I don't know what the exact English word is.) Got three (!) cards and two presents from Ottilia and one card and one present from Kauto. It was nice and sweet, even though with those two kids it's impossible to have the day only to yourself, even though there's one other parent in the house alongside yourself. Nevertheless, I love them very much. Don't know what I'd do without them. (Well, I do, but you know what I mean.)

Am going to Helsinki to shoot this year's last insert for the TV show I've been doing some stuff. It's maybe my last. I think I reported a while back that the show was to be aborted (after a measly year!), but I heard only recently that it's going be on production for the coming Spring after all. We'll see if I'm in or not.

You may remember about me ranting about a small town of Loimaa and its flea markets and charity shops. Well, one of them - the best of them - is closing down. (Did I mention this already?) We went there for the last time (well, you never know) and still found some stuff. We are (Elina and I, that is) also making an article about the change in flea markets in Finland in the last ten years. The closing down of the charity shop in Loimaa is the signal: the times, they are a-changin'. There will be no more these cozy and messy shops, only sterile and uninteresting and chaotic flea markets where you'll put your stuff up for others to sell.

Susanna and Tero were there taking pictures. They do great work and would post some of them here, but they haven't mailed them yet. Which reminds me that I haven't posted any pictures from our holidays and weekends at the cottage. Should, any of these days. Kerrankos meikäläisen jotain pitäis, as the Finns say.

Over 20 blonde jokes at Duane Swierczynski's blog.

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