Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The project

Umm... where to start? Okay, the project that we were supposed to be doing until our asses dropped off (or something to that effect) has been postponed. It's now due to be published next Fall.

So, now I could start blogging again. Where to start? I'm reading - again for professional reasons - John Gardner's almost awful James Bond entry, The Icebreaker (the one with Bond in Finland). It's boring, yet somehow pretty fluent. I've been told that Gardner was a really wonderful spy and thriller writer, but he went strictly downhill after signing to write James Bonds.

What else? Haven't really slept last night, so won't brag much now. Will be taking a shower soon, then having a cup of tea. Am writing an article about erotica writers and Marmite - not in the same article! Am listening to seventies' Nigerian funk - great stuff! Soon I'll be going to get Kauto from daycare. So, bye bye for now!

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