Thursday, November 02, 2006

Connelly's The Lincoln Lawyer

I'm in the middle of reading Michael Connelly's The Lincoln Lawyer which I believe is still his newest one, even though it's from 2005. It's great so far, even though there's a feeling of having read something similar before. I get that a lot when I read thrillers of this kind, but Connelly is so much more engaging than many of his colleagues and his characters are real and vivid and full-blown, not simply cardboard. I'll post later thoughts when I'm through with the book.

I was also thinking that one of Connelly's Harry Bosch novels (The Lincoln Lawyer is a one-off) should be included in the top 10 detective novels list, but I couldn't name a favourite. What's the book that has Bosch investigating kiddie porn? Is it Angels Flight? That could be my choice.

By the way, I've interviewed, via e-mail, Connelly couple of times and had a chance to meet him for a live interview two years back. He's a very nice guy. I was quite awkward in the interview, but could relax afterwards and we chatted for quite a while in a Russian restaurant in the middle of Helsinki.


Anonymous said...

Lincoln Lawyer is Connelly's newest in paperback format, but Echo Park is his latest novel.

Juri said...

Thanks, h00k00! I should've remembered Echo Park because I've posted a link to a short movie based on that novel, filmed by Terrill Lankford (who, by the way, gets tuckerized in The Lincoln Lawyer as a very unpleasant police officer).