Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm the sexiest guy in the whole of Finland?!

Bill Crider (in an old post) posted about our prime minister, Matti Vanhanen, whom the French president dubbed the sexiest man in Finland (Vanhanen was also voted to the same position by the readers of a Finnish tabloid). Bill thinks I should've been the one nominated.

Well, I don't know. You can judge for yourself. These are photos from a session in which I modelled for my photographer friends, Susanna and Tero. The photos were never used with the article they were intended for, but I look good in some of them. Better than Matti Vanhanen, at least, eh? (I'll be posting some other modelling photos of me later on, so stay tuned! You're so lucky to have this!)


Anonymous said...

Ja naised kiljuvad! (Koffin mainoslause Virossa 90-luvulla, sopii moneen paikkaan...)

Unknown said...

Clearly the PM couldn't possibly be sexier.

Anonymous said...

Juri, you can rest assured you are indeed sexier than Mr. Vanhanen. In fact, even the PM on this side of the ocean is sexier:

And for the first time in my life I'm older than our PM. Boy, do I feel old.

Juri said...

Thanks, guys and gals! Should've noted that this was five years and five or six kilos back... Don't look that good anymore.

Hey, Anders, Fredrik is a cool cat, to be sure!