Tuesday, December 12, 2006

James Reasoner in movies

My friend, American writer James Reasoner, has had his story filmed. It's the first for him - and I believe also for the director. Check out the results here. (James's comments on the story (he hasn't been able to see the film as yet) are here.) I thought the film is pretty good, a quite effective short story, told with only a voice-over narration and with a footage that looks like surveillance camera's point-of-view.

James mentions that the story has been reprinted once or twice. Here are the facts:

Graveyard Shift, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, November 1978, reprinted in Hard-Boiled, ed. Bill Pronzini & Jack Adrian, Oxford University Press 1995, and Love Kills, ed. Ed Gorman & Martin H. Greenberg, Carroll & Graf 1997.

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