Friday, December 08, 2006

What's with me?

Sorry, I haven't been blogging lately. There's no apparent reason for this, unless maybe it's that I've been busy and a bit stressed too. I'll start blogging again when it doesn't feel a complete waste of time.

In the meantime: I'm reading Laura Lippman's The Sugar House and enjoying it so far - but I'd skip the personal events in the hero's life if I were the author. But I'm not. This lady hasn't been translated in Finnish so far - should someone change this fact?

As you're aware, I'm also a small press publisher. A new issue of Pulp just came out, with articles on the porn novels of Stephen Frances, the Hank Janson creator, and porn stories of the Finnish film director Aarne Tarkas (yes, he did write some, in the last years of his life), reviews of Mike Ashley's wonderful Transformations and Feral House's delightful Sin-A-Rama and lots of other stuff.

The new issue of Isku is coming out - it's already the fifth and I'm not broke! There are stories by JA Konrath and Duane Swierczynski, with stuff by Finnish authors. I'm especially proud of the ultra-hardboiled story from 1940 by Reino Helismaa, the singer-songwriter who abandoned crime writing after the war, much to my chagrin.

There's also Seikkailukertomuksia/Adventure Stories that's meant to be like a good old all-genre pulp, with stories ranging from highwaymen to the Egypt of pharaohs, from the exotic India to the 19th century Finland. Check out the cover by Jukka Murtosaari. The mag's not out yet and may not be until next January, but it's going to be good!

Okay, that settles it for now. We are leaving to visit my mom tomorrow morning, back on regular schedule on Monday. And I'll promise to get back to blogging!

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