Thursday, December 14, 2006

Okay, something more Pulpetti-like stuff

Earl Kemp has made an eZine out of his 1960 questionnaire, Who Killed Science Fiction. You can read it here. It makes fascinating reading, as the magazine science fiction has almost been killed during the last fourty years - reading Kemp's editorial makes you wonder what took so long. It's also intriguing to see so many signatures - Sturgeon, Asimov, Robert Bloch, Alfred Bester... Frank Kelly Freas has a pretty weird signature, don't you think.

(Thanks to Bill Crider for the link!)


Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe is getting back, now on tube. Rap Sheet's J. Kingston Pierce isn't exactly happy.


Christa Faust's interview on Tribe's blog: interesting reading. A writer who gets called "pulp writer/bondage artist/rockabilly (etc.) priestess" really can't be all that bad. And she's getting her novel out from Hard Case Crime - it's called Money Shot and it's about a porn actress getting a revenge on his former employers (so I understood it). And she's already written a crime novel about Mexican wrestling!

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