Friday, March 02, 2007

A healthy break from Ridley Pearson and Sidney Sheldon

I decided to let my own entries in the thriller reference book rest and took Lawrence Block's Tanner's Twelve Swingers (1967, a No Exit reprint from the nineties) from the shelf. It is indeed much better than anything I've read by the said writers. I'm no big fan of Block, but I've liked his early work.

Nothing much else here, except work. I was yesterday at the university library studying old Finnish pulp and other fiction mags and came up with quite a bunch of photocopies of old stories for possible reprints. It seems nowadays that typing is my most recent profession. I said to Elina that if someone asks about my hobbies, say, in an interview, I say: "I collect photocopies of stories from old fictionmags." (Now, what label should I have for this post? I say nothing substantial about Block and I don't really know what category the latter paragraph should belong to. I'll put up here a new ephemera label. My life is just a big piece of ephemera, so it's fitting.)

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