Friday, March 23, 2007

Another fictionmag coming - soon?

Here's a cover by Jukka Murtosaari for another fictionmag that's coming out some time later this year: it's called Mälli/Spunk, with the subtitle (do magazines have subtitles?) Tosi Miesten Toimintakertomuksia/Action Stories For Real Men. (Joo, tiedän, että kuvassa lukee "seikkailukertomuksia", mutta pitää pitää palaveria kuvittajan kanssa vielä.) It's supposed to be a pastiche of a early sixties' men's mag à la Argosy, Rogue or Man's Story or Male, etc. My story is about Joe Novak and it's called "The Case of the Sleazy P.I." I mentioned having started the story some time back and I think I managed to sneak in all the references I mentioned in the earlier post.
The logo is made alongside the old logo of Jermu, a Finnish men's mag from the seventies.

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Anonymous said...

I guess subtitle is ok, everyone can understand that. Then again, how about tagline?