Friday, March 23, 2007

A new fictionmag

A new fictionmag came out today: it's called Seikkailukertomuksia/Adventure Stories and it contains mostly new stories by Finnish writers, but also one reprint from Heikki Jylhä from 1940 and translations of stories by Stanley G. Weyman and Molly Brown. The mag is meant to resemble a general pulp magazine à la Short Stories or Argosy and the stories have great variety: there's swashbuckling adventure, a crime story set in the late 1800's, a story about ancient Egypt, a weird Western short story, and so forth. So it should be a treat.

Published by me, of course. For the Finnish readers (and for others, too, since there's a cover), go to the Isku magazine's own blog here.

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