Monday, March 05, 2007

My newest book

I think I mentioned this earlier. I wrote once, some ten years ago, a series of articles about little known Finnish poets to the Kulttuurivihkot magazine. Now, the editor at the time, Tuomas Kilpi, was recently nominated editor-in-chief of the BTJ publishing house. He e-mailed me and asked whether the articles could be reprinted as a book. What do you say to an offer like that? "Umm, yeah, I'll have to think about that, let me get back to you next year, I'm a bit busy at the moment..."

I received my author's copies today and it seems to be up on the publisher's website. Check out the contents here.

And, um, yes, it's in Finnish.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Congrats! Can I have a copy? :)

Juri said...

Thanks, Urpo, I'll put one aside for you.