Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm oozing

Now the fucking scar from the appendix removal is oozing. Some green lime coming out of it. I hate this! I just hate this. It's not my idea of fun to be a walking monster. (I do have the medication.)


Read Jon A. Jackson's The Diehard the other day. My first Jackson. Very good, even though the action drags a bit just before the climax. The climax itself was very well written and gripping. Now I'm reading Jason Starr's Hard Feelings. It has the basic ingredients of the typical Starr nightmare about the anonymoys city dwellers. Does anyone else write about the misery of the white-collar folk? Does Jeffrey Eugenides write about them? Does William Kennedy? Carol Shields? Starr should be given more due for being one of the most realistic writers of his generation.

And how come neither of these guys is in Finnish?


My trip to Helsinki: not much. I talked about White Heat for twenty minutes to people who didn't seem very interested. I was told that this happens in the book store meetings very often and I don't have to pay any attention to it. (I signed two books.) Well, I got a free dinner (which wasn't very good, though). On Tuesday, I'm going to Tampere to talk about the book for five minutes and I was promised that this time they would listen. They'd better, or else...


pHinn said...

Yecch. Hope that green slime is just a part of normal recovering process. Otherwise better see a doctor. Get well soon!

Juri said...

I didn't actually see a doctor, but consulted one and he said that it's quite normal. (Normal? Green slime coming out of my fucking belly!? You call that normal?) The scar was just infected.

But it's drying now. At least seems to be.