Thursday, August 04, 2005

On the Road

Greetings from the beautiful town of Hämeenlinna and the reptile show we just visited with Ottilia. Afterwards we went to a second hand book store nearby and I picked up the first hardcover edition of Charles Portis's The Dog of the South! Also a fishing novel by Martin Goldsmith who wrote the novel that Edgar Ulmer's classic film noir Detour was based on (and the screenplay also, IIRC). It's a great thing to have even though I won't probably read it. Poor substitute, though, for the original Detour novel that has never been reprinted. Someone should do it. There were some copies on Abebooks, but they were something like $2000.

I also picked up a Glendon Swarthout western ghost story paperback and an old SF novel by Kenneth Bulmer. Add still a small book on baby names, and all this cost me only seven euros!

We are leaving tonight to Nokia to visit my dad and Airi and going to Särkänniemi tomorrow. Wish us luck. (It's an entertainment park for those who don't know. There are all kinds of whirling machines there and Ottilia wants to go to all of them.)

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Unknown said...

You can't go wrong with Charles Portis. Dog of the South is hilarious.