Sunday, August 07, 2005

Internet forwards

Just an example of an internet forward I have to send to me myself in order to get any (this was pulled from an e-mail list I'm on, with a bunch of collectors and researchers, with some funny stuff thrown in once in a while):

"I used to think this Genesis story was a real good sensawunda read, and even wrote a fan letter to Moses, but then it became so popular that he started churning out sequels, and then when he died a lot of other authors took over under the house pseudonym, and a lot of it was just dull middle-of-the-trilogy running in place stuff about smithing and debating, and even when the publishers put out that one-volume complete omnibus for the Book Club and called it the Old Testament, they couldn't resist the temptation to restart the whole thing again, only set a little further on, and introducing some new characters who were descendants of the earlier batch, and then doing an expanded omnibus, and even *that* sold so many copies that other people started doing fanfiction extensions with titles like THE BOOK OF MORMON, and now it's all just this bloated publishing industry stuff. I mean, like, Good Lord!"

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