Thursday, August 18, 2005

Wise, wise men

My friend Tosikko said today (in Finnish) that after reading several blogs, she felt that everyone was very wise and on the meta level. She was being ironical, of course, but I got to thinking that there's no real need to be wise while you're keeping a blog.

I keep remembering what Roland Barthes said after reading Henri Amiel's diary: the supposedly wise things where Amiel was trying to philosophize were not interesting in the least, but when he wrote about weather, he suddenly became interesting. This is my point of view exactly: philosophy is boring (especially in blogs), but telling about what happens in the world, be it small or big, is interesting. (I must admit to having philosophized here every now and then, but God forbid I won't do it on a regular basis. Or even a fairly semi-regular basis, as they say in Twin Peaks.)

This has nothing to do with pHinn's great blog here.

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