Wednesday, August 03, 2005

White Light, White Heat

I just heard from the publisher that White Heat has come out! As we are leaving town, I won't have time to pick it up from the mail office, but I'm really anxious to see it. (I also had another new book from the press, last week, the horror reference book I did with Jukka Halme. Please, congratulate Jukka for his first book!)


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Jukka. And to you as well, Juri.

Juri said...

Thanks a bunch! I'll take your message to Jukkahoo!

jukkahoo said...

Thank you, Bill! Thank you, Juri!

Thank you, World!

Just got back from Glasgow, from the SF Worldcon. Fun times, far too many books bought, couple of FictionMaggers met. All in all, a great trip. Am trying to write couple of impressions to Eating Muffins this week.