Thursday, April 13, 2006

Charles M. Schulz in a Finnish pulp

I found this cartoon from one of the Finnish pulps I was looking into today at the university library. I think (and believe I'm 100 % right) that it's by Charles M. Schulz. I believe he drew cartoons for Saturday Evening Post before he developed Peanuts and Charlie Brown.

The boy says: "We are coming near the civilization. Mommy's coming."


Vesa said...

Yup, that is Li'l Folks -type gag, done by C. M. Schulz for sure. His first finnish publication! Now try if you could found any Carl Barks cartoons, that would be real news! (As the "Complete Carl Barks library" will be published soon here.)

Juri said...

His first? Yikes, that's great!