Sunday, July 02, 2006

Still on tour

Had to drop today by home to see how things are working out and read e-mails. Everything seems to be fine. We are going away on another trip tomorrow (on Monday, that is) and will be away for a week, hence no blogging.

Some points of note:

After several weeks of frustration and continuous whining it finally seems again that something is happening: two new non-fiction books may just be on their way, and the paperback line that I've mentioned here once or twice and that I'm supposed to edit seems to be okayed by the head honcho of the publishing house I've been talking with. (He was a bit drunk when we had a conversation, but so was I.) I'll keep you posted.

There is some new experimental poetry by me at Nokturno. At this time it's about transformations of some poems by Henrik Alcenius from the early sixties which were in turn transformations of poems by Pentti Saarikoski from his collection Mitä tapahtuu todella?/What's Happening Really/With Real?

And last, but not least: I sold some issues of Isku and Pulp to some costumers at the Vammala Old Books Days venue. One said he likes the Joe Novak stories I've been scribbling. He made my day.

See you on next Sunday (or Monday after that)!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the books!

I don't know if you ever see it, but the new issue of ELLERY QUEEN'S MYSTERY MAGAZINE has the initial installment of a column by Ed Gorman on cf blogs...he plugs Bill Crider's, among others.

Juri said...

Thanks, Todd! Here's hoping they make it to print...

I don't actually ever read EQMM and I don't even know whether it's sold in Finland, but thanks for the plug! (Should start writing more about cf, so he just might mention me... Don't have the time right now, though.)