Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Being sick

I had to do some work on the computer even while being sick, so I decided to blog a little. I couldn't sleep much during the night, feeling at times too hot and at times too cold and finally got a headache. I got up 05:45 and ate a little and drank some Finrexin (with caffein, vitamin C and pain-killer) and then fell on a couch thinking if I should read or watch telly. I fell asleep for a minute and I then just watched the ceiling, thinking I'll die soon.

It got a little better afterwards, but I've been mainly lying down (laying?) and reading comics and some Conan stories by Robert E. Howard and sleeping and feeling all wiped out.

Just wanted to mention that earlier I read Dave Zeltserman's debut novel Fast Lane, which I can heartily recommend to all the lovers of hardboiled. It's very sociopathic and it reminded me a bit of my as-yet unpublished PI novel (you remember, The Big Blue Jerk-Off?).

Am not in the mood to post pictures, given what happened last night, or even make hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are for jerk-offs.

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