Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One of my all time favourites

I'm going to throw this book away and I thought I'd scan it first and post the cover here. The book is the Finnish translation of Dan J. Marlowe's One Endless Hour that was first published in 1968 by Fawcett Gold Medal. It's a crime novel with a cold-blooded criminal as its hero - very worrisome, very bloody, but also very surreal in its outcomes. Especially the end has stuck to my mind as an quintessential ending to a life of crime. You don't get any tougher and weirder than that. (The Finnish title means "The Night Without Mercy". Don't know about the cover. It could be Spanish.)

Why am I throwing the book away? I bought it recently, because I wasn't sure whether I really have the book or not (I remember reading it at the university library), but when I got home I noticed there were several pages missing (163-190, to be exact).

By the way, no one seems to be making Wikipedia entries for these forgotten paperback masters. Should I be doing it? Luckily there's the Thrilling Detective site. They have an entry for Marlowe.

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