Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Flash Gordon in Finnish

I'm currently writing an article for a reference book on comic artists that my friend Ville Hänninen is editing. Here are some samples from the first Flash Gordon book that was published in Finland in 1938. The cover on the left was drawn - at least I suppose so - by a man called Martti Masala, who drew almost every cover for the publishing house Ilmarinen in the thirties and early fourties. I think it's a pretty good one, but those guns really look like Raymond Loewy cars.

Flash Gordon has been translated as "Iskevä Salama", which is actually more like "Striking Lightning" or some such. He was called Salama Gordon at times, which comes from Swedish. He was Blixt Gordon in Sweden (Blixt meaning "lightning").

You can see more Finnish Flash Gordons here (only covers). The larger site of Finnish SF comics here.

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