Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sorry: misleading Macdonald title

There's an error in the books of my life meme below: the Ross Macdonald book I first read wasn't The Drowning Pool, it was The Sleeping Beauty. (And I may have never reread it.) But I did see the Paul Newman film, Harper, quite early on, it's based on The Drowning Pool (if I remember correctly, which seems rare these days). That's maybe why I got them mixed. (Why don't you Finnish readers ever correct me in these matters?!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Juri.

Harper is based on The Moving Target. However, The Drowning Pool was the basis for the lesser known sequel of the same title, also starring Newman.

/ Anders Engwall

Juri said...

Hey, thanks, Anders! I was already wondering whether I'd really get my facts straight - no chance in a lifetime.