Monday, August 14, 2006

New fictionmags

I've been editing and layouting two new fictionmags: the all-story issue of Ruudinsavu/Gunsmoke, the magazine of The Finnish Western Society, and Järkyttäviä Tieteistarinoita/Stirring Science Stories. The latter is published for the future weekend's FinnCon and it features new stories by Petri Salin, Harri Erkki, Boris Hurtta (or actually B. Hurtanheimo) and Jaakko Ensio. There's also a reprint, an anonymous SF story from 1949. The magazine's supposed to be funny and parodic.

The Ruudinsavu issue is a real McCoy: it features translations of stories by Ben Bridges (AKA David Whitehead) and old pulpster D.B. Newton. There are also four new stories by Finnish writers, two of which are veteran crime author Totti Karpela who started out as a teenager penning three Western stories for a dying Finnish pulp mag, Seikkailujen Maailma, and Harri István Mäki, who's known for his books for kids and young adults. He said that he's always wanted to write a Western story - and he delivered a good story, very funny and violent.

So, it's only me who keeps the fictionmagging in Finland alive! (Apart from the romance magazines of Kolmiokirja.)

Here is the Ruudinsavu cover. It's by Jukka Murtosaari and it's for no particular story. The Stirring cover in another post.

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