Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Authors translated only in Readers' Digest Condensed books

As I mentioned the Readers' Digest books below, I thought I'd make a list of, mostly American, crime and thriller writers who have been translated only in those abridged collections.

F. Paul Wilson (apart from short stories in SF/horror fanzines and collections; the medical thriller, The Select, in 1995)
Stephen Hunter (Point of Impact, in 1997; there seems to be a movie coming up on this)
Barry Eisler (Rain Fall, in 2003)
Stephen Leather
James Thayer (several translations in Condensed Books)
Greg Iles
Susan Geason
Brian Haig
C.J. Box
David Lavallee
S.K. Wolf (just who is this? gotta be a pseudonym)
Sam Llewellyn
Robert Byrne
Ken McClure

Doing the research I noticed that there's a novel The Long Kill by Reginald Hill in 1991 in one of the Condensed books under the pseudonym Patrick Ruell. I don't think this is mentioned anywhere else (in Finnish sources, that is).

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