Monday, January 15, 2007

Richard S. Prather talks about Shell Scott and channeling

Here's a lengthy interview with Richard S. Prather who penned many entertaining and funny PI spoofs with Shell Scott as his hero. The interview focuses sometimes on other things than Prather's career, but it's interesting to see that Prather is a devout in new age religions (or something like that, I'm not exactly sure what his beliefs should be called).

But the most interesting thing to see is that he's very critical of the Bush administration and talks in length about the 9/11 lies (or "lies"). The Shell Scott books are very anti-Red and anti-Left, so I would've thought that Prather is a right-winger himself. Clearly this is not the case. (Or then he shouldn't be discussed in these terms at all.)

Also don't mind the fact that the interviewer is Don Pendleton's widow. It only explain why she's so enthusiastic about Don Pendleton's Mack Bolans. Having read some ten of them I can tell you that Pendleton wasn't the one to ask questions about plotting and style.

Thanks to Steve Lewis for the tip! On top there's Shell Scott as drawn by Robert McGinnis.

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