Thursday, January 11, 2007

Spunky story

I'm again writing a new story about my private eye hero, Joe Novak. It's set in a PI conference in the early sixties (Novak is already thinking about getting married and settling down) and Novak is only an innocent bystander when a Texas private eye with cowboy boots comes to him and starts spinning his tall tale about a gig gone hugely wrong. It's meant to be a pastiche of the wild stories that sixties' men's adventure mags printed, but as yet I don't exactly know what will happen. Something wild about biker gangs and their blood-lusty cult leader and his horde of rapist baboons (that are results of a Nazi experiment conducted in Madagascar).

This will come out in Mälli: Tosi Miesten Toimintakertomuksia, which will translate as Spunk: True Men's Action Stories. (There's a spin in Finnish "toimintakertomuksia", but it won't translate.) The mag will come out in late Spring or early Summer.

The Texas private eye in the story is called Jack MacLane. His and Novak's mutual friend is mentioned in dialogue, his name is Jay Reasoner. You know who you are.


mybillcrider said...

Jack, for one, is thrilled to be included.

James Reasoner said...

And so is Jay.

Juri said...

I'll try to work in some other obscure references. Not that Jack and Jay are obscure.