Monday, January 15, 2007

Flashing In The Gutters gone

I haven't seen anyone post about Flashing In The Gutters having gone and been shut down. Man, that's huge. I would've hoped he'd've at least saved the archives, there was lot of excellent stuff there.


pattinase (abbott) said...

We all mourn the loss of it. Tribe took it down after a long and nasty series of comments between various FITG writers and a commentator who accused the site of being an outlet for hacks. It turned out this peron was waging a secret war against one contributer in particular, but Tribe just didn't want to be a party to this sort of nastiness. And maybe he thought it had run its course. It hadn't though. It was a great, great place to read flash.

Juri said...

Now I see. I remember the fight starting and was wondering what was so wrong about the particular story, but due to lack of time (and sometimes not remembering) I hadn't checked the site for some time now. Stupid, really stupid.

Mystery Dawg said...

There are two new sites up that fill hopefully fill the void:

DZ Allen's excellent Muzzle Flash

and my own Powder Burn Flash

Hopefully these two sites will attract the same quality writers that FITG did.


Juri said...

Thanks for the links. I checked your site when Bill Crider posted about it, but there were no stories at the time. The lineup seem pretty good. Christa Faust's story is tough.