Thursday, January 04, 2007

Still on Gardner

I forgot to note that Understrike was published in Finnish in 1967 under the title Isku vyön alle. The publisher was Gummerus. Gardner hasn't had a good luck with Finnish publishers: out of his whole output, there has been only three Boysie Oakes books and some of his James Bonds published in Finnish. And a one-off novel called Flamingo from 1983. From a quick look, I'd say there was almost a fifteen-year gap between the third Oakes book, Amber Nine, up to Icebreaker which was translated as Tehtävä Suomessa, James Bond/Mission In Finland, James Bond in the early eighties. This is typical of Finnish publishers who don't care to follow anauthor's career, unless he/she is big or very respected. And John Gardner isn't either, even though he seems very capable (though I had my reservations about Understrike and his James Bonds).

Here's his bibliography.

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