Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hard Case Crime update

I should really post more often this kind of news items. I'm lazy, though, and I suspect that those who follow this blog also follow those blogs that do post interesting pieces of crime fiction related news - such as Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine.

But as I've liked the Hard Case Crime line very much, I can't help but link to their latest list about coming books. It's impressive - two Robert Bloch crime novels as a Double edition! - and I'd like to start something similar here in Finland. (It's just that the Finnish crime fiction has been pretty lame and there's not so much to reprint even from the seventies and eighties.)

Here's also a list of Stark House coming releases. Elizabeth Sanxay Holding comes very highly recommended by me: nice touch on female noir. Dan J. Marlowe's The Vengeance Man is also very, very good.

I also want to congratulate James Reasoner for writing his 200th novel. Amazing!

PS. I seem to have left out that the Spunk magazine mentioned earlier will be one of those mags I edit and publish with my own money (like Isku), so the publication isn't much of a merit to me. But there are other writers, too, with very funny takes on the so called true stories of the sixties' and seventies' men mags. And there's also some vintage stuff: a story from a Finnish porn mag from 1974.

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