Monday, May 23, 2005

Annoying people everywhere

I'm not neurotic or paranoid in any meaning of the word (at least I hope so; my ex-wife might have something to say about this) and I get along with most of the people, but still I often feel that there are people who annoy me a great deal and I wouldn't want to have anything to do with them and still I have to.

For some reason, these people have often something to do with magazines or other media - they are editors who always seem to know what's best and clearly and loudly announce it and just won't listen to other people. Usually they have something negative to say, more than positive. It drives me crazy. I know I'm sometimes thought to be on a high horse (or what's the phrase again?) and one of my best friends has said that when he got to know me, he was a bit afraid of me, because I was so self-confident. One of Elina's friends has said the same. But it's always these same editors who get to me, get under my skin, get me to my feet. And then they think I'm difficult. Ha!

An example of a screwy editor: I heard a pretty good book critic complain that the editor of a book column wouldn't take her writings anymore, without giving a good reason. I couldn't point anything bad about the writer's reviews and she had written for the column for years (well, at least two years, but you get the idea). It must something personal - something between the editor and the writer. Which is never a passable reason to dismiss someone's writings. I wouldn't for life of mine say to a writer that I wouldn't publish anything by him/her in Isku or Pulp just because I don't like the person.

There are other examples, but I won't go into details, so that I won't lose my jobs... Actually, at the moment, I hate writing small pieces for magazines. I'd like to quit that altogether and concentrate on my books. (And Pulp on the side.) Maybe the editors I'm talking about would sigh in a relief.

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