Friday, May 20, 2005

Work-related news

The Dostoyevsky Reel: I finished polishing off the Joe Novak novel. It turned out to be longer than I mentioned earlier, with 38 000 words. Still not very long. I did a quick layout on Pagemaker: 144 slim paperback pages. It would make a very nice PBO. Sent this to Tapani who promised to say something about it. Still don't know what to do about the book: the Finnish publishers won't touch it, I know that for sure.

The Blood Orgy of the Void God: Still something to do about this. I decided to take off some characters. The poets John Milton and William Blake were there, but I couldn't do anything funny with them, so I decided to kill them. (Well, actually that sounds funny: I could send them to battle the anti-Christ (it's not actually anti-Christ who they are dealing with) and get them shot off in the beginning. But, nah, I think I'll pass... still...)

White Heat: The publisher sent me drafts and I began to read them with a pen. It's goddam 429 pages long (plus the index)!

The horror reference book: Wrote entries for Lafcadio Hearn and Peter Ackroyd. Googled for Iain Sinclair and his poem "Lud Heat" (1975) that served as an inspiration for Ackroyd's "Hawksmoor". Must go to London some day, just to see those Hawksmoor churches. The guy was a Satan worshipper and designed churches in the middle of London! At least, that's what Sinclair and Ackroyd (and Alan Moore in "From Hell") tell me. Added some stuff for August Derleth.

Pulp 2/05: Got these from the press yesterday. The pains of a small press publisher: I took them home in the back of my bike! The foreword had a headline from the previous issue, so I'll have to dabble with that before I send them on. It's an excellent issue, albeit a small one, with only 20 pages. James Reasoner is in it, with an article about the attempt to publish the German Jerry Cotton series in the US. Jukka Murtosaari writes about Bertil Hegland etc.

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