Thursday, May 26, 2005

Leaving books behind

I sent the corrected drafts of "White Heat" back to the publisher. Now it's completely out of my hands. I had to do the last draws in a hurry and I felt a bit confused. Hey, that should've been been this way and this that way and where's that and where did I put this... Aargh!

It's always a bit sad to leave a book behind. At least like this, when you don't feel you've done everything you can to make it as good as you can - that's what I feel: it's unfinished. I feel, for some reason, that "White Heat" is a very uneven book. I said this to Elina and she said that maybe I'll be the only who feels it's uneven. "Maybe others won't notice anything." I certainly hope so.

Maybe I should think like Mika Waltari who said he never reads his books when he finishes them. He just doesn't think about them. Well, to each his own.

We are leaving for a cabin weekend tomorrow morning. Ottilia is here and she's also very confused: she's having the daycare's Spring party tonight (and she'll be performing something) and her mother is moving this weekend and I'll bring her back to their new apartment on Sunday. No wonder she feels nervous...

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