Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I checked the more recent edition of Hubin's crime bibliography at the university library (I was ordering some Kipling items to check for the bibliography; hey, I take this thing seriously!) and found out that the Bill Adler-Thomas Chastain novel "Who Killed the Robins Family" wasn't a paperback novel in the first place. The first edition was a hardback from Morrow, the paperback came later. Adler and Chastain did a sequel, with a catchy, but rather inept title "The Revenge of the Robins Family". I wonder if this was already a collaboration between the two - the first Robins book came out of the publisher's contest for new plots.

I wonder what Adler has been doing since (these were from the mid-seventies). Has he tried to come up with more plots? Has he tried to write something himself? Wait.. there is a Bill Adler who has written books about Bill Cosby and Sinatra and buying a house.. and wait, there's more. Bill Adler and Bruce Cassiday wrote a book "Murder Game: There's a $10,000 Reward for Solving the Crime. It Could Be Yours". It must be the same guy. (And Cassiday was - as everyone reading my books knows - a veteran pulpster and paperbacker who survived the industry's many crises, but didn't gain much fame.)

At the university library I also ordered an old translation of a Lafcadio Hearn. And then I stole some toilet paper from the men's room. As you probably know, we have a paper industry strike going on and the stores have no toilet paper. The pains of a scholar!

We just watched a stupid space movie called "Red Planet". It was so stupid I don't even bother to link it. Just wanted to let you know that the novelization was by Peter Telep and came in 2000 from Ace.

Now, off to bed.

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