Friday, May 27, 2005

The true identity of Bill Adler

You Americans should've told me... or I should've taken a better look at the book I bought: Bill Adler who penned "Who Killed the Robins Family?" with Thomas Chastain was no amateur. He was (is?) a book agent and an author of many books, even before the mystery novel. And it was no contest where the plot came from - I don't know where I got that idea. The contest was for the public to reveal the killers in the book. The back of the afore mentioned novel contains the contest for the next book, "The Revenge of the Robins Family".

Just woke up in the middle of the night to tell you this. Leaving for cabin in three hours. The police hasn't as yet come to ask me about the missing toilet paper. Hmm.. I can picture that: "Joe Novak and the Case of the Missing Toilet Paper". I forgot to tell you that I started writing a new Joe Novak story, called "The Case of the Missing Treasure Map". It's for the pirate issue of Isku. It will be funnier and more parodic than "The Case of the Walking Sticks". This one will be almost farce, with no real mystery to the plot.

One more quote from Vathek before we leave. I managed to read this last night and had to go sleep, totally washed out:

"The good emir, who was punctiliously religious, and likewise a great dealer in compliments, made a harangue five times more prolix and insipid than his harbingers had already delivered."


Anonymous said...

love the blog. truly. you may find this interesting re: Vathek.


Juri said...

Hey, anonymous, thanks very much! I didn't know that Borges had written about Beckford. Must take back my entry for him and rewrite some bits of it... but that happens for the better world!