Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I had promised to be at two o'clock at a nearby café for an interview. A fellow was coming down from Tampere just to interview me about "White Heat". He called me at 14.09 and said that he was a bit late. I go: "Fuck! I forgot!" I was alone with Kauto at home and couldn't go anywhere. I said to the guy, telling that I was very sorry and very embarrassed, that the only chance to get the interview done is to come to visit our place. So he did. Kauto was fortunately in a very good mood and let us do the stuff.

You don't always know whether what you speak makes any sense. Let's hope it does now. It seems I spoke for an hour and I just know that the guy will be in trouble when he has to cut it down to some 400 words. We were talking about the future of the cinema and the possible lines of evolution it will take. I said the cinema in the sense of Lumière won't go away for a long time, but the movies may be shorter in the future, so that people would be able to see the whole film in 20 minutes or so with their mobile equipments. I hope this makes sense. (I don't know if I hope it will happen.)

The guy took a picture of me with the poster of Viidakon valkoinen Pongo when I said that I'd like to write a history of cinema seen from the other side: the trash, cheapo, pulpy side, the wrong side of the tracks. I also said that I might be doing in the future a history of the animated cinema. We'll see about that.

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